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Things That Prevents You Setting Your Goals

setting your goals

Before you can start setting your goals, you need to understand why you haven’t been setting them yet. What has holding you back before may get in the way again. You need to prepare yourself for each of the following roadblocks so you know how to break through and reach your goals. Here are some huge roadblocks that keep people from setting goals in their lives.


In many cases, this the biggest roadblock of them all. Sometimes your goals just look too big to ever reach. They can be quite intimidating at times. When this happens, most people would rather give up than fail.

If a goal is frightening you and it seems like it is just too difficult for you to ever achieve, don’t just put it aside. One thing that can be very helpful is to break the goal down into small steps. Reaching each small step will eventually help you reach the overall goal.

For example, if you want to stop smoking, you’ve probably tried many times and failed. Don’t just tell yourself, “I’m going to quit smoking.” Sure, that is your ultimate goal, but instead of diving in the deep first, break that up into some smaller goals. Try to take only one smoke a day at work, or only two cigarettes a day.

After you reach that small step, you will feel good about yourself, and the goal might not look so hard. Then move on and try not to smoke at work at all, resulting in one cigarette a day this week. Before you even realize, that big bad goal you thought you would never reach has been conquered by reaching these smaller goals.

Comfort Zone

What keeps you comfortable and safe in life, can also be a roadblock. This is life the way we know it. For many people stepping out of that comfort zone can be difficult. We all understand, but the only way to know about what is waiting for you is to step out of your comfort zone

Often, we become “content” where we are. We are not happy, but we’re not miserable either. It’s pitfall  to think, “What if I do try it and fail?” “What if I don’t like the change, can I go back?” The worst thing you can tell yourself is, “Well, life isn’t TOO bad right now, so I better not rock the boat.”

Do you see what I mean? You get all comfy in your current life, and even though you want more for yourself, you settle for less than you can be. It keeps you from setting new goals and achieving them.

No Inspiration

Most people think inspiration couldn’t be a roadblock, but it can be if you don’t have it. If your goals aren’t inspiring you, it can be difficult to reach them. Create your goals the way that you really care about them.

The goal itself should inspire you to want to achieve it. If the goal doesn’t inspire you, there is a big chance it will end in you giving up.


Sometimes you want to reach a goal, but you simply don’t have the money to make it happen. If you don’t have the money to achieve your goal, don’t forget there are ways to get it. You may have to borrow some money, or you might have to save. If you want the goal bad enough, don’t let money keep you away from it.

In today’s world there are special programs for everything that can help you. Search until you find something that can help you meet your financial ability to reach your goal. For example, you don’t need money to get a college degree. There are grants, student loans, scholarships, and many other federal programs that can help you pay for it. All you have to do is to search for it. This is the same with whatever goal you want.

Of course there are more roadblocks that prevents goal setting, but when I ask people around me, these are the most common. You need to get over the roadblocks you face if you want to be successful and really want to reach your goal. Think of track and field. They run the race at a steady pace with only one goal in mind. There are hurdles they have to jump over. They work at it until they are able to get over those hurdles with ease and reach their ultimate goal… the finish line. Consider the finish line the success you will reap from reaching that goal.

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