Search Engine Optimization Basics Explained

search engine optimization

The internet today, is a blend of billion of brands, millions of users, unlimited opportunities and a vast SEO market.

With each passing day, the entire global landscape is changing due to technological revolutions. The corporate world is the segment that these revolutions are affecting the most. Today, thousands of websites are there just at a single click, when you log into the web. Every website is generated with a lot of money being put as investment; however, not everyone brings the desired results to its owner.

You might have thought the reason behind this. Why only a few websites are displayed at first when you Google any term, phrase or keyword. As an ordinary user, you might not have ever thought about that but if you are entrepreneur, doing business online, having social media presence for your brand, then this is the area you would have always been concerned about.

As an entrepreneur, what would you want for your website? Definitely more visitors, increased visibility, brand promotion, potential customers and sales. This is where the concept of SEO comes into an action.

Whenever a user enters any term, phrase or keyword in search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc., to search about it, search engines generate the results automatically. The search engines “spider “or “crawl” the websites and then display the websites at the top which they consider most appropriate correspondent to the entered term or keyword.

Search engines are unique websites designed in such a way to help users find a lot of information available online. The listing that a search engine generates largely depends upon its search engine optimization in terms of design, content, link, promotional strategy, social networks, and so on. The higher the search engine optimization of the website, the more likely that it will be given a higher rank by search engines.

To get your website search engine friendly, you need to know the concept of SEO and criteria of ranking on search engines like Google and other search engines. With each passing year, SEO is getting more complex, as Google rolls out revisions and changes in various rules. This is particularly challenging for small entrepreneurs and businessmen who don’t have much time or do not sufficient resources to cope with them and remain updated.

Search engine optimization or SEO in short seems a complicated area when you take into consideration all the information and also misinformation readily available online. Since the Internet is vast, it becomes indeed hard to recognize which is which. Will the latest technique that you are following work? Is it useful for all websites? Or else only a few websites?

Let’s face the truth that SEO can turn out to be very confusing. However, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be. The basics of SEO are really quite simple to understand, and if you really want a high-quality base in learning the concept of search engine optimization, you can then be able to differentiate truth from fiction more easily and you will know the tools to investigate more about SEO concepts. If you have a business website you will want to understand the basic concepts of SEO and highly advanced, widely adopted, and popular SEO practices that can greatly help your business and website to outrank your competitors on the web and be on top in search engine ranking.

Before we dive into technical and complicated stuff, you should be aware of the basic concepts of SEO and the way they work. This way, you can better understand the best utilization of SEO techniques for your own business. Below I will tend to simplify SEO concepts and help you further understand what SEO actually is.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

The concept of SEO was quite unknown up to last few decades. People were unaware of the concept of utilizing SEO techniques and tools for managing their websites. Businesses could not imagine that SEO can help them improving the ranking of their websites, drawing maximum web traffic, attracting more customers toward their brands, and competing strongly with their competitors in the market. The advent of Internet made the SEO come into sight.

If we talk about the development of SEO concept then the number of pages or files that early search engines used to hold was in between hundreds and thousands only, and they used to come across perhaps two to three thousand search queries per day. Now, top search engines index consists of three trillion pages and cater around three billion queries per day.

Let’s talk about how search engines actually perform these major tasks and how they influence the ranking of your website.

Every search engine has particular criteria to rank websites. With each query entered by users, the search engine crawls into the websites and picks the best ones that successfully meet the criteria. These are the websites that search engines consider as the most optimal and best-fitted result in response to a specific query.

When you enter any word or phrase (keyword) in a search engine, the very first page you see, shows the most optimized websites in response to your query.

The SEO techniques that most businesses are practicing essentially take into consideration the functioning of different search engines, what keywords the visitors have been searching for, the significance and density of those keywords, and what search engines people are using the most.

For businesses who lack in-house expertise to develop and run their own SEO marketing campaign, they usually outsource it to specialized SEO companies, which work together to make the website as optimized as possible. SEO companies hire SEO copywriters, designers, content providers, link builders, lead generators, affiliates, and so on. These all are SEO practices.

You need to know how you can pursue good and effective SEO practices and techniques for your own website, and if you adopt them appropriately, you can improve your ranking in short period of time. It is quite possible that next time, you find your website at the top of the Google search result page.

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