How To Become Great At Anything You Do

how to become great

Do you want to learn how to become great at anything you do? Or do you want to be somebody who is just kind of floating just above average? Do you want to be somebody like the average person out there, struggling and getting overwhelmed, or do you want to become great? Do you want to become great in what you do, in your business and personal life?

In the video below you’ll see my mentor, the ceo and founder of Four Percent, Vick Strizheus talking about how to become great at anything you do.

The Four Success Secrets To Become Great

These are the four key things to do to become great, and this is why so many people don’t become great because they don’t do these things.

1. Decide To Become Great

So many people, especially marketers are talking about how dissatisfied they are. Take the decision to become great. Tell yourself “I’m going to be great at what I do!”

If you are an entrepreneur, you decided once to become an entrepreneur, now is the time for you to decide to become a great entrepreneur.

Now there are different levels of greatness you can operate at. To use a metaphoric to the example of cars, you can be the Honda Civic or the shiny Rolls Roys. The question is at what level of greatness you want to be. Make that decision!

2. Commit To Being Great

Once you have decided to become great, you have to commit to being great. When I started online and met my mentor, I wanted to become the best marketer in the company I was involved with. That was the standard I set myself. I made the commitment to become the best, so there was no plan B.

My advice to you as a fellow entrepreneur: Commit to become great. If you have a plan B, 99% chance you are going to use that plan B in the end.

3. Take Action To Become Great

The action you are right now, the things you do in your business right now, do they match your vision of greatness? Think about it… If your actions you are taking now, what you are doing now doesn’t match the level of greatness where you want to be, you will never become great.

Make sure your actions are on the same level so they reflect your level of commitment in your level of greatness.

4. Pay The Price To Become Great

If we take a look at anybody who is great, in any industry, any personality, like sports athletes, business personalities, TV actors, entrepreneurs, they all had to pay the price.

Thing is that the price for greatness comes at a high ticket. If you want to pay just a little price in your personal life, or in building your business you will never become great. You just have to pay the price.

That is why people buy Rolex watches. People pay $30,000 for a watch! Not because it’s a good watch, it’s the level of greatness they are playing with. Why do people pay $400,000 for a Rolls Roys? Because it’s great! And greatness comes with a pricetag.

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