Goal Setting: Why It Is Important To Set Goals

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Have you set goals for yourself only to let them slip away slowly? How many New Year’s resolutions have you made? How many have you actually kept? If you are like most people, you won’t like the answers to those questions.

I actually know people who don’t have goals at all. These people just live their lives from day to day thinking. “This is my life. This is what I have to do. I don’t like it, but I can’t change it.” If this is how you think , it’s definitely time for you to make a change for the better.

Fact is that you are the only one who can do something about it. You hold all the cards. Of course, life can always have a “Trump” card for you so now and then, but if you have strong, realistic goals, you can get over the results of that trump card and move onto a wonderful life as a fulfilled person.

Life without goals is like a ball on a Pinball machine. When you are pushing the machine, it bounces all over the place. It has highs and lows, and big scores and low ones. It doesn’t do what it wants to do. It just bounces back from hitting other things. The machine itself seems to be more in control than the ball. In the end, the ball will always goes through the bottom and doesn’t return. Game over.

You don’t want to let your life be like the ball of a Pinball machine. You don’t want to walk around letting other things push you around. You need to fight back. You need to have good goals.

Why It Is Important To Set Goals

Goals are very important in life for many reasons. Read on to discover 6 key reasons why it is so important to set goals in life and business.

Set Goals To Envision Your Future

Where will you be in five years? Where would you like to be? If you don’t know the answers, how are you going to get there? You are working every single day, going through life every day, and struggling to work for what everyone else wants. You only do what your boss is telling you to do, listening to your friends, and moving on as fast as you can to nowhere.

Setting goals would help you to express what you want for a change. It gives you the opportunity to start working towards something that makes you happy. Do you actually like your job? You would be surprised on how many people don’t, yet they continue to wake up every day and go to work just because they need to pay the bills. The question here should be: If you don’t like it, what are you going to do to change it? What can you do to advance, if you do like it.

Imagine where you want to be, then set a plan to get there. Look deep inside the crystal ball within you and found out exactly where you want to be, and what you want to be doing. There’s nothing wrong with working hard to pay the bills. It’s something you should do. It’s a question of doing something you like that pays the bills that’s important.

It doesn’t have to be something life changing like going for a new job. Maybe you want to lose weight. Envision yourself 10 pounds lighter. Go to a store and buy yourself some clothes you absolutely love in a smaller size and put it where you can see them. Close your eyes and see yourself in those clothes. If you are working to save money for a new car, envision yourself driving that car. What kind of car is it? What color does it have? Can you actually smell that “new car” smell? What features does it have? Dream it and set your mind on achieving that goal.

Set Goals To Motivate Yourself

When you’re hungry, you want to get yourself something to eat. Then you get to enjoy the food. Sounds simple right? In fact this is exactly the basic principle for goal setting. You want something, start doing something about it, to finally reap the rewards.

For any need there is in life, there will be motivation to fill that need. Setting goals will help you to envision what life would be once you have reached that goal. Therefore, it motivates you to move forward.

We all have hard times where we seem to struggle in the motivational department. Focus on the goals you want to achieve: the rewards. These rewards can give you the motivation you need to get through these hard times. The desire to achieve a goal motivates you to work toward it.

Set Goals To Stay Focused

Where do you focus on most in your life? Is it your finances, your family, your hobbies, or simply getting through daily life? Whatever you focus on, the focus will be where you put your time and energy. Of course it’s important to focus on your work, but it should not be where your entire focus is.

You need to spend some time and energy on working towards things that make you feel happy. If you set goals, you’ll know what is important to you and you’ll be able to focus on them. In other words, you will be spending your time and energy on yourself, and not on others for a change.

Many people have an idea of what they would like to do someday. However, this “someday” may never come around if you don’t narrow your focus. Discover what you need to do and set the goals to get there.

Let’s take a look at baseball for example. If you truly want to hit a homerun, you have to keep your eyes on the ball. You have to watch the ball closely all the way to the plate. Watch it as you swing. Then give it everything you got. That is exactly what goals can do for you. Goals will help you keep your eyes on the ball and hit that homerun. No matter what kind of sport you do, getting a goal of some kind is necessary to win. Baseball players are highly focused on getting that goal through the whole game. Life and business is just like that.

If you have that clear goal to focus on, you’ll be able to reach your goal much faster. After all, nobody ever made a touchdown by taking off running into the stands. If you get sidetracked in life, it can cause failure. Stay focused on what’s of vital importance and setting a clear goal will help you do that.

Set Goals To Make Yourself Accountable

When you set a goal, you determine whether or not you reach that goal. You tell yourself you are going to do it, so answer to yourself if you don’t. It’s your choice to make the action happen. Sure there are external factors that you can’t prevent to interface, but ultimately, you are accountable to yourself.

Whatever goal you want to set, being accountable to yourself will motivate you. If you feel what most people feel, I know you hate it to let people down, the only person you should hate letting down the most is YOU. This can make a huge difference in you.

Goals don’t have to be major life-changing goals. Maybe you have always wanted to go on a cruise. Let’s take this as your new goal for example. How do you get there? You can stop buying that one Starbucks coffee or any number of other things a day, and put the money aside. That’s your plan.

Once you’ve saved the money to go on that well deserved cruise, you will feel awesome about yourself. However, if you don’t save the needed money and can’t go on that cruise, you will probably feel very bad because you’ve let yourself down. Only you are accountable for your actions. Only you can change them.

Set Goals To Reach Your Potential

How will you ever know what is possible to do in life if don’t try. Not having goals will keep you from growing. Your goals can help you broaden your horizon. You are going to start experiencing many different things if you reach beyond what you can do now and strive for bigger things. If you’d like to know if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, go take a look! Would you like to know if your life could be more comfortable? Go find out! Take a deep breath, look whithin yourself, see what you can be, and go for it.

When the goal seems to be out of your reach, that’s what a step ladder is for. Take the necessary steps to reach it. If losing 15 pounds seems impossible, make smaller goals and lose five pounds at a time. Take small steps until you reach your ultimate goal. If you want to run your own business some day, then prepare for it. Take the necessary training courses or get the necessary experience in the field you’re interested in. Don’t just sit around and tell yourself, “If I was in charge…” Be in charge!

Setting goals will help you achieve all of that because you’ll have a clear vision. You’ll also have to create a plan of action. Reaching your potential is so much easier when you know what you are reaching for, so reach far. Stretch that reach until you’ve become what you knew you could be.

Set Goals To Live Life To The Fullest

Having goals and reaching them will help you to live a much happpier life or having a much better business. Instead of dreaming about it, you can actually doing it. You will reap the rewards of setting your goals and that will make you feel more confident. Setting goals and strive to reach them will help you to maximize your personal life and your business.

I think you heard this saying before: “You can do it if you put your mind to it.” Just know that if you dream it, you unconsciously set your mind on that goal. Now you exactly know what your goal is, set your mind on how life will be when you actually reach that goal.

Once you’ve set your mind on that, work hard and don’t give up until you get it. Then you’ll be living life to the fullest.

A good motivator to set more goals is just reaching one. Once you see the benefits of having a goal and a strategy to get there, it will make a difference in the way you look at goal setting.

Reaping the rewards of your goal will help you to live life to the fullest and you will feel like a worthwhile person. If you don’t believe it, try it. Set a small goal and reach it. You will feel good about yourself.

Everyone wants to be happy and live a fulfilled life. The way you get there is by living the life you want to be living. Shortly you will see how great it is to actually find a way to get that life, and you’ll want to keep doing it over and over again. In the beginning, when you’re not used to setting goals, they may seem a little different. Setting your goals and reaching them can be a hard time. Once you get used to it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived life without them.

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